Why shouldn't I just go the bank for my mortgage?

You can. But unless you're going to go to all the banks, you can't be sure that you've got the best mortgage terms for you. Even when you have a great relationship with your bank, there may be really good reasons to structure your loan elsewhere.

Our people know what's happening in the market, up to the minute. And they have the experience to guide you through all the solutions to find the ideal one for you.

Surely it's smarter to consolidate my borrowings?

That particular herring has been around a long time. The answer is "it depends". Our advisers are best placed to answer that question, depending on your assets and liabilities, and what risks may have you exposed.

Before you start to consolidate your borrowings, talk to us. We can guide you through your best solutions, what the market can offer you now and how to structure it so you’re best placed for future eventualities. The goal is to be able to use your assets to build future wealth... if that sounds like what you want - get in touch.

Why do I need to rethink my Life Insurances?

Circumstances change and that can alter your risk profile. It's an interesting fact that while many people cancel their critical illness cover around 40 years of age, the average claim age is actually 47. Most of us accumulate debt in our 30’s, start to pay that off in our 40's and be planning for retirement by our 50's... but that's not always the case.

Our advice is expert and tailored to your circumstances. That's why we give you good advice up front and it's why we stay in touch over time. Your needs when your family is young or your business is just starting will be different down the track. We just make sure you are fully cognisant of what you have in place; and that it’s what you truly need.

I think my insurances are pretty sorted. How would I know?

Ask yourself when you last reviewed your insurances? Have your circumstances changed? Has the market changed around you? Having a second opinion on your protection cover never hurts. Our specialist skills are in ensuring you’re covered where you need to be, and not covered twice where you don’t. You’d be surprised what insurances people amass over time. Why not get a second opinion on yours?

I'm just starting out, am I too small fry for you?

If you’re planning an ambitious future, then you’re our kind of client. Our people are committed to delivering truly successful outcomes, so if you're ready for a first mortgage or ready for another investment property, talking to us makes sense.

For us, it all comes down to structuring your assets and liabilities in the way that will get you further, faster. That means taking into account where you’re at, and where you want to be. Our satisfaction comes from thinking smarter and delivering better solutions. If that sounds like what you want, get in touch.

I'm based overseas, how can you help me?

We have numerous clients residing off shore, with significant assets in New Zealand. They rely on us to be their eyes and ears on the ground, particularly as markets and compliance requirements change. We may only see them once a year or so, but we’re always in touch. If that's the kind of service you’re after, speak to us.